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Are you a desperate housewives

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Also please tell her I am 32, white, 6' tall, brown colored, short lenth hair, with blue eyes and a great smile, great sense of humor, love to laugh and prefer to make others laugh. Trust, honesty, charter, funny, only if you dare, please no pay, of any kind, don't waste your time with this old man, i don't need a id ck i work for the goverment, waiting for friends first, and work into something more, if we hit it off, i like going to church, but right now housdwives to work sundays, but that will change, soon, i want are you a desperate housewives find and gou new poeple, know no one down here, been here for over a yr, i'm by my self, i have posted on here steps to get over someone you love times, with messageing to a couple, i like camping, fishing,boating, children, cooking, live bands, scooters, yes i'm a old fart waiting for a better half, but no hard games, i smoke, a little over wei, but coming down, i work hard and play hard, waiting for same, 6'2 blonde, 4 yrs of college, 30 yrs of marr, divorced 2 going on 4yrs, are you a desperate housewives going, laid back, i have been around the block a couple of times, good luck in your yoou, be safe, and god bless, Over the last are you a desperate housewives years I have been lucky enough hosuewives have had several sexual encounters with older women housewivs they were amazing experiences.

Age: 20
Relationship Status: Divorced
Seeking: I Wanting Sexual Partners
City: New York, NY
Hair: Violet
Relation Type: Horny Old Women Wants Lonely Wives

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Do you sometime wonder if you will master the art of domestic goddess?

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Do you ever wonder which character from the fantastic American TV series, 'Desperate Housewives', you would be? Well, wonder no more!

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Continue through the following questions selecting the best suiting answer from those listed and you will discover whether you are the seemingly perfect yet hardwired Bree Van De Kamp, the diasastrous Susan Mayer, the tough-loving Are you a desperate housewives Scavo, or the stubborn Gabrielle Solis!

Ok there are others but who doesn't want to be a leading character in their own mini drama? rae

Whatever is easiest, as long as it isn't in a styrofoam cup! They just dont taste the same as homemade coffees!

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I tend to spend more time on my feet than I can usually predict, so comfortable and suitable flats. I would never receive a 'last minute' houswwives, but most likely a black dress that I have on the side for such occasions.

Be the one to disaprove of the destination, but plan ahead by filling your handbag with emergency items. Be the one who hasn't had a night out in the longest time!

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You slightly overdress and spend the entire night exchanging glances with a hottie. Be the one who has 'The' perfect dress and shoes!

Be the one to show up with the most energy! You needed a night out! You hope to dance and wear that outfit you felt so guilty for buying.

Education is important, as long as they learn to not be disruptive and come home to tired to make a mess! Private schools seem like are you a desperate housewives way forward, education is the most important gift you can give to children.

The time that kids are in school is the time where they should be having the most fun, forming friendships, and enjoying productive playtime!

Are you Lynette? Gabrielle? Susan? Bree? or maybe Edie?. Do you sometime wonder if you will master the art of domestic goddess? Do you ever wonder which character from the fantastic American TV. Take it to heart and try to change things about yourself. Don't care; it's just a stupid quiz. Be a little hurt. Take it again and change all the answers until you get a.

Kids are generally trouble! But a school should be a place where they meet friends and I can meet other parents to set up playdates. Forgot your password?

Speak. Training Maker Discuss.

Are you a workaholic like Lynette or a shopaholic like Gabrielle? Everyone's Personality Matches A Desperate Housewife — Here's Yours. Do you sometime wonder if you will master the art of domestic goddess? Do you ever wonder which character from the fantastic American TV. If you love the show and are just curious as to which housewife you the quiz! Find the desperate housewife in you now! Created by: Rachel.

Survey Maker Flashcards See All. Dec 14, Please take the quiz to rate it.

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Go to My Dashboard. Questions and Answers.

Want to find out which housewife you are most like from desperate housewives? Well this is the quiz that will tell you EXACTLY which one you are most like!. Which housewife from "Desperate Housewives" are YOU? Are you Susan, Bree, Lynette, Edie or Gabby? Find out right here!!. Are you a Bree or a Susan or a Gabby? Find out now.

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Are you a desperate housewives

By the housekeeper, who makes me cappuccinos every morning I prefer herbal tea, but I make coffee every morning for the neighbors Black -- when the kids wake up at 6am, I need it strong and Are you a desperate housewives need it fast With milk and sugar.

You receive a last-minute invitation to a depserate party.

You wear: That flirty cocktail dress I got on sale last week The sexy hand-beaded dress I had custom made in Nousewives last year My perfect little black dress that I save for occasions like. It must be a tried and trusted item!

Which Desperate Housewives character are you?

Something that are you a desperate housewives give me an edge over the other guests, perhaps designer Occasionally you do join the girls for a girls night out, of the group you are most likely to Back to top. Remove Ad. Removing ad is a premium feature. More Desperate Housewivee Quizzes.

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