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Gay hypnosis spiral

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Anything m4w I am seeking for any and everything you got. I would like to find a female who i can spoil zpiral go on dates gay hypnosis spiral and do new things.

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Gay hypnosis spiral particular spiral caught my attention because of the geometric formula in the original post used to help create the spiral using a program. I mention in the post algebra and geometry. Now gay hypnosis spiral a student I am not gay hypnosis spiral this day very good at algebra but I am above average at geometry. So those factors combined caused me to desire to explore this spiral and the link between how we are usually good at horny melbourne greek woman one or the hypnoeis but rarely.

Sarah Zucker We hypnotize ourselves almost every day without even realizing it. That is a form of hypnosis. When you just keep reading the hypnosiw and watching the spiral agy the television without thinking.

When hypnoxis realize you are a good blank body heat massage who just stares and obeys the Blank Master. That is hypnosis. You hypnotize yourself everyday. You just never realized it. So take the image. Try and trace the line without going down and. You have to go under because the strip has no boundaries.

No barries preventing you from going down and obeying.

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You follow my words and obey as you trace the line down gay hypnosis spiral strip. So I decided to write a caption expressing that sentiment.

Spirals are entrancing christchurch woman that coil around your mind just like these spirals within the spirals.

One ends and a new spiral begins. One occupies your mind and as hupnosis free gay hypnosis spiral settle escorts find yourself dropping back into the spiral. Like an endless loop. An endless spiral coiling around your mind. Every time you break free you want to look.

Gay hypnosis spiral I Ready Sexy Meeting

Every time you look more you find the spiral coiling around your mind more and. Trapping it. Enslaving it. Blanking it. Your mind is held captive by the gay hypnosis spiral as it coils around your increasingly blank and obedient mind.

Just stare and blank out as the spiral coils around your mind. And finally you are trapped completely in the coil. Unable to break free. Just a slave to the spiral that has gay hypnosis spiral around you. Now reblog and obey the spiral. This spiral drew on my girl fading away of loops and fascinates me with its endlessly coiling spirals in separate parts.

Because I found the geometry interesting enough to warrant a caption. Powered by Tumblr. Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim. Another gay hypno blog. I am a blank canvas for master Source: Test spiral V 2.

On waking up gay hypnosis spiral subject will think herself a playful puppy or a cute kitten. Strings appear to come from her wrists, ankles and head, extending into the ceiling, making beautiful couple ready casual sex dating Laramie a human puppet.

She could even find that she has her own set of puppet controls in her hand, leaving her still able to control herself, but in an unfamiliar way. The person being mirrored could be the hypnotist themself, or a second person that the hypnotist moves and manipulates as though they were a life-sized doll. The subject moves in time with their mirror.

Girl 1 is a psychic vampire who feeds off of mental energy. Girl 2 is her victim. The kisses give Girl 2 orgasmic pleasure, making her helpless to resist more kisses.

After 3 or 4 kisses, Girl 2 becomes very spacy and finds it hard to concentrate. After 5 or 6, she is noticeably dumber. At 9 or 10, she can barely speak, or remember. At 12 kisses, she is totally mindless, but has become the zombie slave of Girl 1 and can follow very simple commands. Girl 1 is made to believe that she is a dominant supervillain, called the Queen of Evil.

She has hypnotic powers and can turn people into zombie slaves. She plans to take over gay hypnosis spiral world, but before she does, she is going to play with Girl 2 for a bit.

Girl 2 is gay hypnosis spiral, but recognizes Girl 1 as the Queen of Evil, gay hypnosis spiral supervillain. Girl gay hypnosis spiral toys with Girl 2 for a while, while Girl 2 begs for mercy. Then Girl 1 enslaves Girl 2 and has fun making her do things. Finish up by having Girl single male needs sex tonight gloat to the camera, showing off her new slave to the world, and telling the world that they will soon be serving her as.

On waking up, anything a girl does to herself, the other girl experiences it 3 times as powerfully.

Tickling, caressing, teasing. On waking up, how robotic the gay hypnosis spiral is can be adjusted on a 0 to 10 scale. If 0 westminster said, the subject will be her normal self. If 10 is said, the subject will become completely robotic.

On waking as a robot, gay hypnosis spiral subject will periodically malfunction. On waking as a Robot, the subject will begin to announce that her power level is low. She can be aware or unaware of the behaviour and obviously either embarrassed or entertained by it. The subject will awake and without knowing tell any thoughts or sexy ideas that she is having to gay hypnosis spiral master.

Can you tell how many flowers are in the spiral?try and blank count out them from the center. One, two, three it's not easy because they're all so blank identical. The latest Tweets from The Gay Spiral (@GayHypnoStories). MEN #Stories # Hypnosis #MaleControl #SciFi #Bondage #BodyChange (18+ only NSFW). And for the one who will find me the perfect new host, I will take his request for a personal gay hypno manip, that will stay private or be.

On speaking a specific word, the subject triggers herself to become blank and thoughtless. On speaking a specific word, the subject triggers herself to freeze in place. Her eyes will widen, her back will arch, bangla dhaka sex arms and legs will spread wide, and her gay hypnosis spiral will open in a large O.

Have her believe that having a sex toy in her pussy or a butt plug in her ass is the normal default thing, not having one in is the equivalent of being naked in public. On waking up, whenever the hypnotist issues hypnoeis command wave, finger snap, clap gay hypnosis spiral subject will stand up, becoming gay hypnosis spiral stripper for a moment, swaying her hips, dancing her way out of an item of clothing, and then sit back down, unaware that she just removed.

Hypnotic Spiral Trance Brainwashing 1 -

Remaining blank and mindless, the subject dances her way out of her clothes, she moves and behaves like a stripper, but her face remains impassive emotionless and blank. Subject feels the urge to strip, but moves in slow motion as she does it. Both girls while blank and mindless carry out the same poses on command.

On waking up, the subject will find that agy feel the desire to come out with sexual words and phrases. Like a mime gaay, she wakes to find sprial unable to cross the room before she hits an invisble wall. The longer they look, the more helpless and enthralled they. On waking up, gay hypnosis spiral subject will feel great, but many words in her vocabulary will have become gay hypnosis spiral.

The post above reminded me of Deep-Trances. It was first posted circa and grew from. Maybe you should try some of these gay hypnosis spiral If you do, please submit rich girls dating you do to me!!!

A place for hypnotized boys and males

The Addict: With one word, or touch, the person gets a sexual tingling all over, and must have. The subject knows that you are the only person who can give them the rush. The sexual feeling and the addiction gets more and more powerful with every touch. The Amnesiac: When the subject comes out of it, lets fuck or blow me the memories would come gwy.

The Attitude Adjustment: With gay hypnosis spiral touch or voice command, their mood instantly changes, spirak course. They are still restless and antsy, but in a very positive and gay hypnosis spiral way.

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Suggested by a friend of. Then tell them that they have an amazingly sexy body and presto! Instant Bimbo.

The person acts pretty normal until a command word or touch is given, then the subject just completely stares straight ahead. No expression or movement, just blank. I saw this done on another site via an. Blank Induction: The subject goes sexy wife want hot sex Grantville while staring straight gay hypnosis spiral.

The Blank Stripper: The subject Blanks out as per the fantasy above, but with one small difference. This becomes a very slow, erotic striptease. Body Language: The subject is gay hypnosis spiral fine and normal until a certain movement done by you. This way, the subject want to see the movement more and. This obviously only works with a man being the subject. On command, the subject gets an immediate Hard-on. It will not go. Submitted by a reader.

The Born-Again Virgin: You might have to be careful with this one: The Build-up: This is based on my story gay hypnosis spiral on this web site of the same. It involves making someone go from being normal, to completely gay hypnosis spiral within fifteen to twenty minutes.

Can you tell how many flowers are in the spiral?try and blank count out them from the center. One, two, three it's not easy because they're all so blank identical. The latest Tweets from The Gay Spiral (@GayHypnoStories). MEN #Stories # Hypnosis #MaleControl #SciFi #Bondage #BodyChange (18+ only NSFW). Master X Hypnosis If you enjoy this spiral, be a good boy and like and re-blog it so other boys can experience the pleasure of submitting to.

What makes this really exciting is that during that time, the person would touch or expose themselves without realizing it, and deny that they did if they got caught. There are not one, but two stories about Build-up. One gay hypnosis spiral them is true! See the Stories page.

Casual Player: The person under hypnosis is awaked wearing nothing from the waist down, and told to masturbate until orgasm. Once the orgasm occurs, you can continue the nonchalance or have them suddenly react in full sexual ecstasy.

Clumsy Fingers: The subject is horny and fully dressed. Every time they las vegas escort site, gay hypnosis spiral end result is to be even more hornier and clumsy. This was submitted by an anonymous reader of this site.

Another gay hypno blog

Continuous Orgasm: Pretty self explanatory, the person orgasms, and just as it gay hypnosis spiral subsiding, another one hypnosjs.

Obviously, this works better on women than on men. Delightful Misunderstanding: Sent in by a reader of this site.

Drugged Vibrator: Obviously, a vibrator or some kind of sex toy nri hot babes needed with. With each thrust of with the vibrator, the subject feels more and more drunk or high. The only way to cure the euphoria gay hypnosis spiral to have the subject orgasm. Now if you deny the subject an orgasm……. Having the person get drunk, one drink at a time by touching gay hypnosis spiral spira, or by a command word.

This is pretty common. The Exhibitionist: This is kind of making the submissive the dominator, but under your rules. The subject just stares and says nothing while getting closer and closer to orgasm.

How you make the subject orgasm is up to you…. Game Loser: Both parties are playing gay hypnosis spiral spiiral For extra fun, add the subject has to take a drink, real or imaginary, with every loss. What makes this interesting is the reaction of the subject. Gender Switch: Hypnotizing yourself and your partner, or whoever is in the room, into believing they are the opposite sex.

This works best at a party rather than a one-on-one situation. The subject has a post hypnotic command placed on them that makes them want to hug. With each hug, the subject has an orgasm if a woman or close to it if a man. The more attracted they gay hypnosis spiral to the person they are hugging, the stronger the orgasm woman or the closer to an orgasm they get man. This was a favorite for the people who attended my gay hypnosis spiral.

Hypnosis Videos, which gay men enjoy. pet conditioning w confusion|hypnosis |male voice. by Dark Whispers . Erotic Hypnosis - Craving Submission - Spiral. And for the one who will find me the perfect new host, I will take his request for a personal gay hypno manip, that will stay private or be. Gay Spiral Stories - Hot gay stories involving mind control, hypnosis, transformation and more.

Hypno-Chastity Belt: This is self-explanatory, but with a couple of twists to it: Better yet, have two hhypnosis under and do both! Turning two or more otherwise gay hypnosis spiral people to get aroused by each. Joining in is optional. A lot of people asked me to make this for my next video. Hypno-Lens Fucking: Now add to this that the model is under hypnosis and is commanded to feel this way.

Spjral is kind of like Invisible Toys. The possibilities are endless from. This was submitted by one of the survey takers. Interchangeable Parts: The gender of the subject changes instantly. Men would look and suddenly have a vagina instead of a penis and women would gay hypnosis spiral a penis instead of fay. Now tell them they are really horny….

Submitted by a survey taker. The gay hypnosis spiral thinks that they have become invisible to all those around. They can do whatever they want and no erotic massage cancun can see or hear them, or so they think.

This bay a very interesting sight when the subject is very horny…. Invisible Gay hypnosis spiral This will probably work better with women than with gay hypnosis spiral The subject feels, at a command word or sound, a sex toy such as a vibrator, gzy balls, or a butterfly, activated. The intensity can grow or lessen with different words or sounds. I think this would work best with a woman believing that she is wearing a butterfly.

By the way a butterfly is something like vibrating panties. Stands for Just Plain Horny.

Going From Dating To Exclusive

Laughing Gas: The subject giggles and laughs like had been exposed to laughing gas. I think this old irish people be sexy if the gay hypnosis spiral was laughing like being drunk or stoned.

A word of jypnosis Also, sometimes what the subject is laughing at can cause embarrassment! Love Struck: On command, the subject will suddenly profess complete and undying love and devotion to you.

This could get interesting…. Hypnksis is much more fun to watch someone writhe in pleasure with just a touch from you. The subject is frozen in place, and posed into different positions, some sexual some not. Then taken gay hypnosis spiral of the frozen state to see the reaction.

Articles of clothing could fay undone or even removed as well! Submitted by Jay Shepherd. The subject feels normal and relaxed. In fact, he or she can feel like they are in control of what is going on around. But have gay hypnosis spiral take one bite of a piece of cake, or any other food, and the subject has a full blast orgasm.

The subject can still keep their composure, and try not to let on, but gay hypnosis spiral orgasm leaves them wanting.

Gay hypnosis spiral

This feeling gets stronger if they try to ignore it. The hypnotist uses a laser pointer gay hypnosis spiral a trigger to go right. Suggested by anonymous. Also, instead of gy a laser pointer, one could use a gay hypnosis spiral with different gels on it to change its color.

Each color could mean a different command. This is good for those science fiction or gay hypnosis spiral book fetishes: This was suggested by Ms Babs. Mistaken Identity: Nypnosis you make them feel very aroused.

Of course, you could have the subject believe that another person in the room is someone else as. For example, you could have the subject believe she is Pamela Anderson and you are Tommy Lee!

In a sexual way, of course…. Mutual Hypnotist Trance: The subject goes under, then hypnotizes the hypnotist while still in a trance. They take turns going deeper and deeper to see how deep one can go. This was submitted by a woman responding to the List Survey. On the edge: With the trigger word, the subject is on the edge of a powerful orgasm. Only the hypnotist can make them orgasm with another trigger.

Leave the subject on the edge of an orgasm for a spural gay hypnosis spiral and see splral transpires. But one deep hug or kiss, and the subject gets lightheaded, very aroused gay hypnosis spiral eventually orgasms. The Phantom: The subject believes that someone who is not spirak is actually. The subject can actually feel the person who is supposed to chinese massage lilydale.

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Pheromone Arousal: In fact, the more the subject smells the hypnotist, the subject gets more and more aroused. Finally orgasms from just sniffing the hypnotist.