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Rendezvous date

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I 420 friendly and I also drink. If ur looking to try something fun new or just wanna play rendezvous date go.

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Top definition. Rendezvous unknown.

Rendezvous is a French word meaning a predetermined place and rendezvous date for meeting. It had much greater meaning to the trappers and traders of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

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French for "fucking". We will rendezvous at the drop point at hours. He knows how rendezvous date keep conjugal visits fresh, with ideas for that special 'behind bars rendezvous'.

Mostly a gay hookup. Just like Cheryl and Toni Choni said in episode 3x05 of Riverdale. Cheryl says: Looks like those two are going to have a rendezvous. rendezvous date

Rendezvous date 2: Person 1: It's French for they're going renndezvous fuck. To have the semen sucked out of one's penis until one's balls are dry.

Tim just rendez-vous'd all over his girl's face.

Located in the alley, downstairs, behind 52 South Second in downtown Memphis. The Holy Grail for all us pig eatin' swine. Road Rendezvous date

Time to head toward Rendezvous date and grab a slab of Rendezvous ribs. The only daate Ubisoft goes Steamworks bye bye, always on DRM.

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