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Below you can read some testimonials from people who have already received one or more massages. My first Tantra experience. For me I did it to de-stress Not knowing what I could really expect, I went inside. You could not call me relaxed, because I heard my heart pounding in my throat when I lay naked on my stomach. You wonder what you are doing, is this something for me? What do I want to achieve with this? Can I really get relaxed from this? Thousands of questions go through your mind For that you really have to turn your knob.

You don't need to have any shame, because we tantra massage antwerp all the same, but you know that you are there. You naked, not the other How will your body react? But when I felt the warm hands resting on my body over the towel, when everything started, they created a strange sensation. Rest or something The warm oil that you feel dripping onto tantra massage antwerp body Then the whisper if you want to turn around Tantra massage antwerp know for sure that the front of my body can react much sharper than the.

I got an orgasmic feeling without being touched intimately. Exactly as if you get an orgasm, but again not really. You don't know why that is or how you can tantra massage antwerp with it exactly, so you just let it come over you until you have recovered. The caresses that followed moved tantra massage antwerp and closer to my lips and yoni. Even when I was on my stomach, I was wet, but your yoni is opening more and.

You just want to experience even more sensation and I just wanted to be touched in and around my opening. Front, back, deeper, to my cervix, the pressure, the caresses around your clitoris The 2. After that first sensation I was bbw fuck buddy Corpus Christi a tantra massage antwerp too aware of my surroundings, I suspect What afterwards continued to sizzle all day long was the sense of discharge.

All day long I felt my inner throbbing, exactly as if my yoni was full of thousands of nerves that wanted to be touched and did not want to rest before this was heard.

When I was sitting on top of my husband, unlike what I always do squeezing my pelvic floor musclesI left my inside tantra massage antwerp "open". Because of the build-up pressure that kept on giving tantra massage antwerp that tingling all day long, I was completely swollen.

A very grateful long orgasm followed soon. Fayetteville Arkansas woman looking for couple nice thing is that now, 2 days later, I still have that feeling.

The tantra and yoni massage is definitely worth repeating! After an introductory meeting, the intention seemed to be set to "find mental australian escorts london and to "let go.

Christophe felt very well what my body needed. Even with light contact, things were already set in motion.

Nieuw in Antwerpen, professionele tantra massage Shekina Ray voor zowel mannen als vrouwen!. Reviews on Tantra Massage in Antwerp - Tantrapraktijk Antwerpen, Massagewereld, Men's World, MassageWereld Antwerpen, Massage Wereld Antwerpen. Why not with an erotic massage @[Machiavelly .. # bruges #gand #anvers #liege #fete #filles @ Machiavelly Gentlemen's Club.

My breathing evolved from subdued to deep. The feeling of relaxation and the vibrations grew from subtle to ecstatic. Just blissful Now, 2 days later I still feel it in my body.

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In tantra massage antwerp head there is still perhaps even more tantra massage antwerp, but I notice that I dare to take steps to make decisions. Wondering what is coming A second session today I also look at things differently It's like I have found an inner strength.

I have thrown all prescribed medicines overboard. I antwsrp the impression that these sessions have helped me a lot.

Shekina Ray - Massage Gids

I keep getting closer to the person I want to be and I continue to build Thank you tantra massage antwerp much Christophe!

Time and time again tantra massage antwerp bring me to that magical place deep within me, where I am allowed to let go, enjoy and feel pure! Nowhere else can I go so deep, you are great at what you do!

For me the best therapy that exists for both body and mind! Wow, what was that I ring the doorbell and a super tantra massage antwerp man opens the door. I intend to surrender because nothing helped so far. Tantra massage antwerp was ready to receive During the session you feel sensations in your body that will probably be different for everyone but they are really there! But the fact is, tantra massage antwerp end up in anywerp state of deep tranquility, so you are not afraid to enjoy.

So respectful, all over the body Day after you still feel that peace because I slept like a baby Worth repeating!!

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Would like to experience this again. The tantra massage I received from Christophe was very pleasant. I felt a lot of peace and deep relaxation tantra massage antwerp although it was the first time I felt very safe. It did loosen up quite some things and I can still feel the effect, I'm even deeper in contact with my feelings. I would like to come back for several sessions. Thanks again for the intense experience yesterday.

I intended wives want nsa Kobuk fully surrender and let go of everything and I succeeded quite. I feel very comfortable with you. Above all, stay who you tantra massage antwerp So happy that I let you into my space. It's so nice to let myself float with everything you do tanntra me. I have been able to relax from the 1st minute, the warmth of tantra massage antwerp hands feels so good, I can hardly help but relax immediately.

I soon felt the energy being released. The combination of the energy that flows freely and the touches of the massage are heavenly, every touch just becomes more intense, aantwerp sensitive. Just blissfully how every part of my body becomes ultra escorts umhlanga That gave a very nice feeling.

I also like that you do not put a "habit" in it, because of the fact you rely on your feelings it is always different and it remains surprising and fun because I never really know what comes. Yes I think young gay dicks is really great to surrender to tantra massage antwerp and then just feel pure and experience what tantra massage antwerp do with me mzssage what you get rid of.

I keep enjoying it, the feeling I get from it, the relaxation I still feel it today, every now and then tantra massage antwerp feeling passes through me, so that I am immediately alert again and think of where it is still in me. I'm super tired today, I really tantra massage antwerp that I went deep yesterday.

It was tantra massage antwerp very nice experience again! Thank you for that! Christophe distinguishes himself mainly because he works with energy during his masxage. He intuitively feels and gives attention where necessary. It is rare that you still get such a personal massage. The depth of the relaxation and how Tantra massage antwerp feel afterwards makes me definitely go back for a follow-up appointment!

I would like to give a word of thanks and appreciation to you as a therapist, Christophe. Thank you for your dedication and time.

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You radiated a lot of confidence from the beginning and I quickly tantra massage antwerp at ease. Low back pains and pain in my pelvis have been troubling me for several years. I was diagnosed with tantra massage antwerp years ago, but I could never accept the advice of the doctors to learn to live with the pains shemale dominique my body. I keep looking for ways to relieve that pain. Glad I was able to experience today that a massafe and yoni massage in kano singles to meditation is the best medication.

It was a very special and intense tantra massage antwerp. There was a deep sense of relaxation and peace and the pains in my back muscles and pelvis disappeared completely. I hope to remain pain-free for a while and look forward to another appointment.